Your angels say that there are many ways you can harness crystal energy, such as in the form of solar panels or jewelry.


Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Your angels want you to know that crystals are extraordinary and magical tools that you should make use of. Harness their energy and powers in a unique way that'll bring positive outcomes, such as in the form of crystalline solar panels.

Your angels want you to know you can take certain crystals and use their energy to bring positive changes to your life. The crystals come in many different shapes and forms. They could be raw minerals to tumbled stones, jewelry, or even crystalline solar panels. Your angels want you to take advantage of their powers to create positive changes in your life.

Your angels say not to be overwhelmed or afraid to attempt to give using crystal energy a try. It's not difficult at all, and there is no possibility of harm to come from testing out this newfound magic. There are plenty of different ways you can harness the crystals' powers.

What are the different ways you can use crystals' energy?

Your angels are here with you and are encouraging you to use the powerful energies emitted from crystals. They will be there to guide and protect you every step of the way while you experiment with different techniques to find what helps you the most and what you're most comfortable with.

Continue reading for some of the techniques used with crystals to get the most out of their energies.

Use crystals during a meditation or yoga session.

If you are into meditation or yoga, crystals can help enhance the positive effects of those practices. Pick a crystal with the metaphysical properties best suited for your wants or needs and hold it in your palm while you meditate.

Or, during your next yoga class, you can place crystals nearby to help give your yoga session a bit of a magical energy boost.

Use crystal energy in the form of solar panels.

Solar panels are made out of a single grown crystal, called monocrystalline silicon solar, using their crystalline powers to absorb and use energy.

Using energy from solar panels not only save you some money on your electrical bill, but it's also good for the environment. Using solar energy reduces the amount of pollution that power generation produces.

Wear jewelry with crystals to carry their protective energy.

One of the most popular ways people like to absorb positive crystal energy is in the form of jewelry. You can wear earrings or bracelets made out of different types of crystals. The most common way is to have a crystal pendant on a necklace.

Not only will wearing crystals look beautiful, but they will also help feed you positive energy throughout the day and provide you with protection.

What type of crystal should you use?

Your angels want you to feel whatever crystal you are comfortable with. They want you to pick one that you feel drawn to. The stronger connection you feel with your crystal, the more energy you will be able to harness.

If you're still stuck on which crystal you would like, here are a few of the popular angelic crystals and their unique benefits:

  • Amethyst – for deep inner healing, calming the soul, infinite wisdom, protection, and inspiration!
  • Angelite – for divination, increasing psychic abilities and becoming more consciously aware of angelic realms and the messages from your guardian angels.
  • Blue Lace Agate – for bringing calmness and soothing tensions so that you can think clearly and better communicate with your angels, as well as those around you.
  • Rose Quartz – for opening up your heart to all the love you can receive and allowing you to it back out into the world. It also helps raise self-love and self-esteem and helps with forgiveness.