Call upon your angels to shield you spiritually because there are some things insurance companies just don't cover.

Shield Yourself

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

This is a message of protection coming from your guardian angels. Insurance companies don't cover everything, and your angels know that. They will help you put up a spiritual shield to protect yourself from harsh energies based on fear.

When this card shows up, your angels remind you that they are always there to watch over you. They want you to know that they are here to protect you from harmful energies.

Your angels will shed their light upon you to deflect negative emotions that you absorb from other people.

Insurance companies don't cover damage caused by energy sensitivities.

You have a sensitivity to the energies that surround you. When you are sensitive to energy, harmful energies can damage your wellbeing and drain you, leaving you to feel powerless.

Although they may be helpful for your worldly things, insurance companies, unfortunately, won't cover the damages caused by negative, abrasive energies.

For extra protection from those harsh energies, call upon your angels to help put up a special spiritual shield made out of healing light. They will provide you with extra special protection to keep you safe and at peace.

How can you ask your angels for special spiritual protection?

Ask your angels for guidance in creating your special protective shield. Close your eyes and imagine that positive energy and the light of your angels surround you completely, shielding you from dark or harsh energies that may surround you.

The lifespan of your special shield is roughly 12 hours. When in more extreme situations with more harshness and negativity, it may deplete quicker and disappear in a shorter amount of time. So, be sure to renew and rebuild your special healing shields of light more often than less.

When envisioning your shield of healing light, different colors help protect you better from more specific things. You can also imagine multicolored, layered shields of light for multiple purposes.

Here are what each of the colors provides you extra protection or benefits with:

White light shield

A shield made of white light is the most basic form of light protection you can have. It'll provide you with general yet adequate, protective light.

Pink light shield

A shield made of pink light will provide you with the protection you need while also providing a comforting lighthearted feeling to soothe any of your tensions. It also provides you with exceptional protection when it comes to love and romantic energies.

Green light shield

Perhaps you've endured some damage before getting your special shield up in time. Then, when choosing the color of your shield of light, you should opt for green. Green brings you powerful healing energies to repair any harm caused to you.

Green is also the color to choose if you've been feeling under the weather lately or want extra protection involving your health status.

Blue light shield

For enhanced clarity and a better understanding of what's going on around you, choose to surround yourself with a shield of blue light. Having a blue light shield will also enhance your ability to clearly communicate with others so that they understand everything you're saying without misunderstanding.

You will also fully understand the messages others are bringing to you with a blue light shield. You can listen intently to what they're saying without you accidentally misinterpreting them.

Purple light shield

For extra special spiritual protection, a purple shield of light is the best color option for you. Choosing a purple light shield will protect you against enduring any pain or damages caused by psychic attacks.