The concept of software is the perfect example of the giving and receiving equilibrium.

Giving & Receiving

Daily Guidance From Your Angels by Doreen Virtue

Today’s message is all about setting a perfect balance on the things you give and receive. Because your giving-to-receiving ratio may have been out of proportion recently, the angels gave you this card to guide you.

Software works in a way that instruction should be given to a computer. In return, it could direct the hardware to do a task. It would simply have no worth without the two-way process.

The same goes for your life. So, let your angels assure you right now. While it’s difficult to achieve a perfect balance between giving and receiving on a daily basis, they can help you find your middle ground.

Through trading, a company may grow while the investors can also make good profits.

If people have been giving much more than they’ve been getting, they may have the impression that others are trying to take advantage of their generosity. In the case of getting more than they are contributing, they may also have feelings of uneasiness, despair, or even regret. Both sides could lead to dangerous ends if taken too far.

Inhale deeply and exhale slowly. As you breathe in and breathe out, you may agree that maintaining a healthy balance between your breathing process is critical to your existence.

Now, your angel would want you to visualize a normal day in which you exhale every time you give to someone else and inhale every time you allow yourself to receive something in any manner. Have you been inhaling every time you give something out?

In trading, the investors support a company financially so it can grow and generate more profits. These investors will never decline their shares because they have to regenerate their income.

The same may be said for any person's life.When was the last time you’ve been on the receiving end of anything? Just giving and giving without getting something back won’t bring you the peace of mind you think you’ll have. There’s a possibility that it’ll be the other way around. Remember, too much of everything, despite the good intention, is not good.

Learn from the concept of trading and software, they both show why you must receive as much as you give.

It doesn’t mean that you must expect the same thing you’ve given to others though. If you have given monetary help, it may not be the same thing that would come back to you. Sometimes, what you have to be open to receive comes in the form of compliments or offers of help.

Today, ask your angels to help you maintain the balance in your life. Another beautiful thing about asking for help from angels is the fact that your constant call to them is not a bother. They’re just ready to take action anytime you need it. After you talk to your angels, be ready to open up to other people as well.

When someone compliments you, thank them instead of telling them how wrong they are. Claim in your heart that the flattering comments are given to you because you actually deserve it.

Be ready to say yes to those who offer to help you too. Though you may be independent and strong, if you’ll handle all the work, you’ll eventually grow weary. When that happens, what more could you offer to others? Give other people a chance to reciprocate your help for them too. It’s the nature of every human being that they would want to return the favor.

When it comes to giving and receiving, we operate best when we are in balance, much as when we breathe. If you just give, you'll ultimately get totally exhausted and burnt out. By learning to receive, you give yourself the opportunity to recharge so you can be more present for others.