Improving the quality of air you breathe is key to a healthy mind, body and soul.

Fresh Air

Daily Guidance From Your Angels by Doreen Virtue

This message is a reminder that your body needs fresh and pure air and that you need to spend time near beautiful nature.

Nature comprises five elements, the earth, fire, space, water, and the air that unify and maintain nature's balance. However, the air is very easy to overlook; why? Because we probably can't see the air, but it is perhaps the most crucial element as air quality affects our well-being, body, and mind.

Importance of Fresh Air in Preserving Life

The air is a sacred element like other elements that should be kept pure and clean. As we all know, the air is essential for every living thing. However, day-to-day human activity has contributed significantly to the air's deep contamination. The work of air filtering and air conditioning repair cannot be overemphasized in improving air quality artificially, but how do you ensure the air you breathe in is safe for your health?

You should not forget that contaminated air can lead to several acute and chronic diseases, including air poisoning, eye problem, respiratory conditions, nervous dysfunction, brain disorder, and some, death. Meanwhile, that is not even part of severe health conditions resulting from the infestation and proliferation of harmful microorganisms in the air.

Fresh and pure air is important for your body physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Starting with the physical importance, clean air is important for your respiratory system, especially the lungs, one of the most essential body organs. It clears your lungs or gaseous impurities and replenishes your body.

Breathing fresh air help improves the positive attributes of your body. It sets you for a calmer day and a good night's rest. It is, however, important for you to go out, breathe fresh air and employ air conditioning repair to improve your indoor air.

Fresh air improves both the physical and emotional well-being of your body, mind, and soul. Essentially, you thrive off positive energy sources in which air is one of them. It has the capability to revitalize your energy, stimulate your emotions even if you've had a bad day at work or school.

Fresh air is natural and uplifting. This is why fresh and outdoor air is good for you. It raises your mind and body while also relaxing at the end of the day.

Improving Your Air Quality

To improve your air quality naturally, ensure your place of abode has a healthy level of humidity. This is because a high level of humidity in the air can promote the proliferation of harmful microorganisms.

You may also need a dehumidifier or air conditioning repair to improve your air quality. Also, remove synthetic candles and instead use beeswax, soy, or vegetable oil candles. Synthetic fragrance candles leave harmful and toxic byproducts from their combustion.

Purify your environment with green plants. Nature is so beautiful that we already have what we need anytime, any day. A great way of improving your air quality is by afforestation. Plants supply pure oxygen and remove harmful chemicals like ammonia, benzene, and formaldehyde from the air.

Lastly, improve airflow in your home by opening your windows and enhancing airflow and ventilation. Try using a filter system in addition to periodic air conditioning repair. You can never be too careful.

Making an effort to get outside and get fresh air reconnects you to nature. It will also improve your focus at school, home, work and improve both your social and spiritual lifestyle.

Take a walk across a green park or a healthy place outdoor. Also, you can try a little meditation while on your little workout. Sit quietly with your hands placed gently on your lap while you monitor your inhalation and exhalation. Ensure optimum ventilation and breath deeply. You can try this every morning between 5-10mintues. It is suitable for improving concentration, focus, and mindfulness.

Air is vital to our body as much as every living organism. Clean air nourishes the spirit as it is an element of the mind. Air is a spiritual energy that brings ideas and concepts and allows you to create, be creative, and manifest in mind and spirit.