True love can see even past the worst dermatological problems.

See Only Love

Daily Guidance From Your Angels by Doreen Virtue

The message for today is all about seeing the best in other people. Today, you’re led by your angels to see the people around you in a positive light, no matter what the circumstance is.

It’s not also just your neighbors that you must pour your love for. The first person that you must look at with love is yourself. As much as you see past the faults of others, give more adoration to yourself as well. Despite the character flaw, the dermatological problem, or the things you’ve been through; remember, your angel loves you for being you.

When all they see are faults and imperfections, illuminate them with your radiant heart.

Love is something that’s usually being talked about. It can’t be denied. Love is the reason why the world goes round. From the affection inside the home to the warm smiles from random strangers, love can be felt radiating all throughout. But then, the world is a place of balance, and the opposite of love which is hatred is also seeping in through the cracks of an imperfect society.

This is exactly why your angels are sending you this message now. They wouldn’t like you to be pulled in the direction which goes in the opposite way of tenderness. You may not know it, but hostility has a way of coming into people's lives no matter how kind they think they are.

This is why it’s important to remind yourself that your angels would want you to look at other people (and yourself) the way they see you. In this world where callousness is spreading fast, be one of those people who send out positive energy regardless.

While there are those who would laugh at other’s disabilities, be the one who’ll offer help. If others would let an individual feel like their dermatological problems make them less of a person, be the one who’ll remind them of their worth.

While other people would plan to inflict retribution on those who have hurt them, keep in mind that it would be best to look for the good in the person who has wronged you. Hate could not drive away hate; only love can do that.

Understanding love often requires summoning the courage to be vulnerable. Sometimes, in order to see love, you may have to let those who hurt you go from your life for the sake of everyone concerned. It may be hard to do, but sometimes you should, no matter how you care for them. Just try to perceive the beauty of the soul inside them and understand this circumstance has happened to assist you and them in spiritual growth.

Let the ripple of kindness start with you.

Seeing only love involves gathering the strength to be genuine, to be unafraid to express joy even when others may not believe you have anything to rejoice about. Just do what you can to shower your surroundings with love. Bear in mind that you should start with yourself.

No matter what you’ve been through and no matter what you’re facing, continue to see the silver lining. It’s all the universe’s way of molding you to be better. Flaws such as dermatological problems or any physical impairments do not make a human being have lesser value. What matters most is how you radiate with love and light to those who need it.

Today, let your angels guide you to love yourself and others more regardless of the imperfections. Ask them to help your eyes see only love. The world would be a better place if everyone had the same mindset, so be the start of the ripple effect.