Sometimes, a trip to the emergency room is necessary to save yourself.

Ground Yourself

Daily Guidance From Your Angels by Doreen Virtue

Today’s message is a reminder that you must keep your feet on the ground. Being focused on the spiritual world is good, but you still have to keep the balance between the two realms. Always be aware of the earthly works you need to do aside from the acts of intercession required from your soul.

Those who are sent to emergency rooms usually are in critical condition, and their spirits are about to depart from their body. But doctors work hard to revive these patients. That’s what your angels can do for you, too.

There are also emergency rooms in the spiritual realm so that you can be grounded again.

There are many instances that are already telling you that you’re drifting away. You may just haven’t realized it yet. Oftentimes, you may have daydreamed and enjoyed the experience of being out of reality’s hold, and you’re disappointed when you find yourself facing the problems of life again. It’s already one symptom of being ungrounded.

You may have also been forgetting many things lately. You may keep on trying to find where your keys, your phone, or even where your glasses are. When you’re also experiencing moments in which people have to repeat what they’re saying several times before you understand what they’re saying, then it’s also one way to tell that you’re far from the awareness of your physical body.

People who also need to be grounded back to reality are going through a time when they’re unable to focus. You may be confused with simple task instructions or you have to re-read the same paragraph over and over again just to grasp the content.

You may also have to let the angels who are attending the spiritual realm’s emergency room to check on you. Ask them to help you be grounded back to your physical body if you’re feeling drained. If you have been oversleeping, or if you’re taking too long inside the shower because you have to sit down and think about unnecessary things; that’s the time that you can confirm with yourself that you’re really in an emergency room situation.

Don’t worry, though. Your angels are efficient. They’ll know what to do to help you be grounded back to reality. Just bear in mind you’ve to help yourself as well.

Though everything is done to revive you inside the emergency room, it will only happen if you also help yourself.

There’s no question that the angels will immediately take action when you call for help, but it will only be as effective if you also work with them. There are certain things you must do in order to be aware of your physical world again.

Help yourself to be grounded by walking barefoot. You may want to get out of your house and explore nature. Walk on grass or soil because these elements will be a great help to pull you back to reality. The same thing as eating food that is earth-grown such as carrots and potatoes. This will give you so much peace because you’ll be able to pick up electrons from the surface of the earth.

You may also rub both of your feet together, or you may rub some parts of any plant on it. While doing so, imagine that roots are coming from the earth, up to the bottom of your feet. It will help you feel that the ground is taking hold of you. This way, you and your angels can work hand in hand to help you focus better.