It's time to stop this fight with yourself. Only you can decide which version of yourself wins.

Two of Wands

The tarot card of the day is the Two of Wands.

You are inches away from success. You can feel it. But then something happens. Those little voices in your head start to chatter away – one is rooting for you, the other telling you to give up.

It's a fight between your mind's optimistic and pessimistic sides.

Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning feeling like you have already lost before you have even started the day. It's a feeling of dread, of being doomed no matter what you do.

The Two of Wands is a sign that it’s time for rehab. Think about who you'd like to be and who you think you are.

Silence Your Negative Thoughts

Whispers of self-doubt can be incredibly loud and intrusive. If you don't take control, they will start to dictate how you live your life. The first step is acknowledging that these negative thoughts exist. Rehabilitate your thoughts with a mantra like this:

“I am in control of my thoughts, my emotions, and my destiny. They are with me, but they are not me. I will not let self-doubt defeat me. I am strong enough to face any challenge that comes my way.”

Start each day by telling yourself that you can and you will. Plan what you want to do for the day, and then do it. The more you do, the easier it will become to silence that negative voice in your head.

The second step is finding ways to silence them. For example, you might try taking a break from social media, spending time in nature, or doing something that makes you happy. These activities can clear your mind and give you a new perspective.

Also, watch how you talk to yourself. Would you tell a friend this? If not, why tell yourself?

Every Day Brings New Choices

The Two of Wands reversed suggests you are struggling with the process of decision-making. You keep going back and forth, unsure of which path to take.

Should you take extra classes or get a job? Should you move to a new city or stay where you are? There are so many choices that can make you feel stuck.

Maybe it will help to put it this way: decision-making is not about making the right choice but about choosing one thing and moving forward. It is about being okay with whatever outcome results from your decision.

It can be helpful to remember that every day brings new choices. You're not trapped. If you make a mistake, you can always try again.

Declutter Your Mind

There is also an external factor. Your mental health can be affected by anything, from your house and your city to the weather, the people you hang out with, and your workplace.

Let's start with something small – your room. Does clutter surround you? Is it full of your old school trophies, clothes that no longer fit you, and school papers with bad grades?

You may not realize it, but these items are a constant reminder of who you used to be, and they will add to your frustration. A clean, well-organized space can help you feel more in charge and less stressed.

The Two of Wands suggests that you donate whatever you can – money, time, energy – for a good cause. This can help you get out of your head, focus on others, and find some peace.

Donate your time or resources to those who need them. This is a way to show the universe that you're willing to help others, and it can bring greater abundance into your life. So not only will you be able to help others, but you'll also help yourself.

Make sure your personal space is clean and organized. Give away or donate things you no longer need.

This is a way of putting your positive energy out into the world, and it will make you feel calmer and more open. It's time for rehabilitation and a fresh start.