Uncover your gift for influencing change.

King of Swords

The tarot card of the day is the King of Swords.

The King of Swords is seated on his throne, looking forward as though prepared to face any challenges life may present. He lifts a sword in his right hand, the hand that embodies the conscious, logical mind.

The position of the upright sword suggests melding the intuitive sense with decisiveness. The King is firm but also flexible. Although he bases his decisions mostly on his intellect, he keeps an open mind to his intuition.

The King's purple cloak represents his intelligence and compassion, while the blue tunic symbolizes a quest for spiritual knowledge. Engravings of crescent moons and an angel positioned near the King's left ear demonstrate alignment with higher powers.

The King of Swords advises you to make good decisions by applying reason and intelligence. If you are in an influential position, such as a judge or lawyer you will make definite, well-informed decisions and maintain fairness in your interactions.

You demonstrate strong intellectual power and wield it fairly. The King of Swords tells you to remain firm in your convictions, as you are empowered to influence any circumstance. It is time to accept the responsibility ordained by universal powers to step into your role of advisor and peacemaker.

Put Advice in Action

The King of Swords represents intellectual strength and authority, and he possesses the fortitude and intelligence necessary to realize all of his goals.

When the King appears, you are in control and making decisions from a position of respect and authority. You speak with great conviction and maintain your integrity. People listen to your views and are compelled to follow your suggestions.

The King suggests you are a professional or are seeking expert advice. There is the presence of a professional advisor. It may be a lawyer or tax agent. This consultant is reliable, honest, and well-versed in their profession.

The ability to the point and address core issues for optimum effectiveness and impact is highlighted. Although you might be concerned that you are not showing others much empathy or care, this distance is what you have relied on in the past.

The King of Swords is a call to express your truth in a way that will benefit you and others. Putting clarity and goals into practice, pursuing social fairness, and acting in accordance with moral principles are all important goals.

Crucially, you have the power to influence these positive changes within your community and beyond. Your judgment will be called upon in a professional capacity as a lawyer, teacher, or advisor.

Express Your Love

Drawing the King of Swords indicates you are being called to express what is in your heart. You must avoid repeating what you believe others want you to say or relying only on your intellect. You can balance intelligence with inner guidance to produce deeper connections.

Now is a period of self-reflection. You must respect your experience, stick to what you know to be true, and let go of the need to place blame.

The King highlights you or your partner have qualities of being calm, composed, and ambitious. But there are often periods of being incredibly reserved. Nevertheless, you are close to someone who you can trust, and you can enhance this relationship into an incredibly rewarding combination of intellectual, physical, and emotional alignment.

There is an indication that your partner pushes you to succeed and uphold high standards. If you are single, a connection is imminent that will forge a genuine relationship.

Your intellect informs all of your decisions, and this is admirable. But there is an opportunity to open your heart to access your intuition. The combination of intelligence with inner guidance is an incredible force that will propel you into alignment.

Today, find a way around your thoughts through seated meditation. Combine this with music or a guided program to enable you to quieten your voice of reason for a period and allow your spiritual wisdom to grow.