Stop your thoughts from eating you alive.

Nine of Swords (Reversed)

The tarot card of the day is the Nine of Swords Reversed.

A woman sits on her bed holding her head in her hands, looking distressed and confused. Her bed is covered with nine swords, and a carving depicts a man being overcome by a more significant figure. Astrological symbols decorate the quilt covering the bed.

In reversed readings, the Nine of Swords indicates that you may have been dealing with nightmares and fears that you cannot seem to shake off. Your dreams are like termites – they eat away at your psyche until you can no longer function normally.

Perhaps you are overwhelmed by your responsibilities or worried about what will happen if something goes wrong at work. You may also be experiencing feelings of guilt and regret over past actions.

In short, the Nine of Swords embodies your past chasing you down. You have tried everything to escape from it, but nothing works.

If you need help making sense of what's happening in your life right now, this message is for you. It's time to take stock of where you are and how far you still have to go before you can begin to feel like yourself again.

Get Comfortable With Being Alone

The Nine of Swords reversed warns you to face your fears about being alone and acknowledges the different limits you may place upon yourself due to those fears.

In the name of safety, you may have bargained away creativity, joy, and freedom. You have allowed yourself to settle into something less than your full potential. Now it is time to end those restrictions and take risks.

If you have been sitting on the fence, it is time to take action. Make a promise to yourself that you will no longer have your nightmare destroy whatever sanity you have left. It will be best if you decide to change things. If you don't, you'll keep getting stuck in the same old patterns.

Seek Outside Yourself for Answers

It will help if you begin to see things differently until you find another side to the story. Perhaps there is a solution to what appears to be a problem. A change in perspective is needed.

In some cases, you can't see a way out because you are trapped in the chaos. Therefore, you don't know how to look at it objectively. But once you shift your focus away from yourself and others, you will start to understand better. And that makes all the difference. Look at the world through someone else's eyes. Ask questions. Listen and be open-minded.

Find new ways to express yourself. Write poetry, paint, dance. Sing, draw, and play an instrument. These activities will help you find a fresh perspective and shakes off those feeding on your anxiety. There is still hope of creating a positive outcome.

Escape the Past by Taking Action

The Nine of Swords reversed represents the moment you wake up from your fifth nightmare of the week and decide to fix your issues.

You also know that this is not the time to wait for a prince to come and save you. The reversal brings about a great awakening and helps you see things differently. Now, you have a chance to change your mindset and start looking at life differently. This isn't the end of the road – it's just another step toward something better.

In fact, you can use this insight to help you move forward. Instead of being afraid of what might come next, you'll be able to find ways to make the most of whatever happens. You'll be able to look at situations with a positive outlook.

The journey to find yourself again begins now. You have faced your demons head-on and conquered them. You have learned to accept who you are. Now you can move forward with confidence. Hopefully, no more nightmares will haunt you.

It is time to admit that you are powerless over certain aspects of your life. Now you can begin to seek advice from the people you trust – your older siblings, your colleague, or your partner. They can show you a different way to achieve your goals.