Leave the door to your heart open.

Four of Swords

The tarot card of the day is the Four of Swords in reverse.

A young knight is lying peacefully on a pallet. Accompanied him are four swords, three above him and one under. Behind him is an art piece depicting a woman and a young child.

This illustration symbolizes a man seeking clarity that can only find in isolation, which is the essence of Four of Swords. The hanging swords represent the emotional struggle he went through, and the one lying below him represents his fight's end.

Meanwhile, the art piece shows that he might be dealing with conflict in his family or community, which causes him to isolate himself.

While the upright card usually appears during significant change or transition, the reversed Four of Swords is a warning sign that your time in solitude is beginning to take a dangerous path.

If you feel like you cannot move forward without being forced out of your comfort zone, then perhaps it is time to step away from what holds you down.

The Risk of Social Isolation Is High

The suit of Swords show the challenges you'll face and your plan of attack for overcoming them. You can use them when you're looking for insight into what lies ahead. In the case of Four of Swords, your next strategy is to have no strategy at all because a time for rest has arrived.

But when the card reversed, it suggested the imbalance of your solitary contempla­tion. You have been spending too much time in isolation and not getting enough social interaction or companionship. As a result, the resting period makes you feel stuck emotionally and mentally, rather than making you more productive.

You try to hide your feelings by lying to yourself. But eventually, you will need to confront your fears and emotions head-on. It's time to pick yourself back up and begin living once more.

You Have Found Solitude, Now it's Time to Return to Society

After some time alone, the Four of Swords reversed suggests that you are struggling with loneliness. For example, you choose to purchase a beachfront timeshare because you need to have a space to yourself away from home or work.

However, the benefit of timeshare ownership is no longer appealing when you struggle with feeling isolated and alone without sharing those thoughts with others. Apparently, not even top-rated timeshare resorts can make your problems disappear.

In many instances, solitude can be beneficial; however, if you become stuck in a negative emotional state, it might be helpful to reach out for support. It's crucial to keep in mind that you don't have to share every detail of your life with everyone around you. You just have to open your heart to receive kindness from others.

You can use this message as an encouragement to reach out to someone who might be able to help. Perhaps you could call a friend or family or seek professional counseling. Talking to someone will give you something else to think about and distract you from your dark thoughts.

You Are Not Alone

The Four of Swords reversed asks whether you should be doing anything to get your lives back together after a break. The answer is "yes". You've had a rough year, but now you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. You're ready to get back to normal.

Ending your isolation doesn't mean you have to stop taking care of yourself. Instead, it means you should start focusing on things that bring you joy. For example, you could spend quality time with friends, listen to a soothing podcast together, or binge-watch the latest hit series. These activities have zero pressure, they can help you relax and enjoy yourself in the company of others.

You can even find a community that likes the same thing you like. This way, you have a safe environment to be who you want to be while still maintaining boundaries.

Reach out to someone you trust. Tell them what you're going through, and ask for their support. It's time to relax and leave your worries behind you. Take a deep breath, and leave your sacred space and into the outside world. May you find peace within yourself as you begin to live again.